13 Must-Have Things to Bring to Vegas

13 Must-Have Things to Bring to Vegas

On my travels to Vegas there are certain fundamentals that I couldn’t do without. This is my list of must-have things to bring to Vegas.

1. Spare clothes in carry-on luggage – Having spare clothes in my carry-on bag has helped me on a couple of occasions, when my luggage arrived late to Vegas. I know others that have also benefitted from this advice. Aside from this, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to freshen up between flights connections.

2. Photos on phone – Photos of those important pieces of information that are good to have to hand!

a) A photo of your luggage can be extremely handy should your luggage go missing or get delayed.

b) A photo of your airport car parking space might save you time searching for your car when you have returned home.

c) If you received a handpay on a previous trip to Vegas, take a photo of the documentation that was received from the casino. This documentation contains your Federal Tax Identification Number. In the lucky event of winning further handpays, having this information to hand will save a lot of time for you and the casino.

d) Consider taking photos of flight reference numbers, itinerary and passport information; reduces dependency on wifi/data connections and allows quicker access, should it be needed.

3. Travel adapterFor those travelling from abroad.

4. Light jackets/cardigans – While the weather is fantastic, the casinos can be quite cool, and evenings can be chilly. Having that light jacket can help keep those goose pimples down.

5. Comfy shoes – There are no ‘short walks’ in Vegas; even the walk from your hotel room to the hotel lobby can be quite tiring. Comfy shoes are a definite must.

 6. Night out Jewellery/Outfit & shoes – There’s no particular Vegas dress style. Anything goes, which is great as you never have to fear looking out of place, no matter how you dress. The exception being the more upmarket restaurants, where people dress that little bit smarter. Keep jewellery and valuables in your carry on bag, in case your luggage gets lost in transit. To take this further, keep it in an accessible part of your carry on. Should overhead compartment space become limited, the airline may make a last moment demand for carry on bags to be put into the hold.

7. Good Moisturiser / Sun tan lotion / Vaseline – Standing underneath so many skyscrapers, it can be hard to remember that you’re in the middle of a desert, however Vegas does tend to throw up a few reminders. Skin and lips can get very dry, cracked and itchy. Noses also tend to get very dry and uncomfortable, particularly in the first few days, so this is where Vaseline or nasal sprays come in useful.

8. Heartburn / Indigestion remedies – Jet lag, rich food and the alcohol soda mixers can take their toll on even the strongest digestive system, so it’s good that most casino shops sell stomach relief remedies such as Pepto Bismol. To avoid getting heartburn in the first place, try to avoid drinks that come with the concentrated soda mixers. Also, rather than sitting down to rich restaurant meal every night, consider alternating with room service, or ordering from restaurant take away menus. This way you get to choose a mixture of light sides and starters, while avoiding the tempting sights and smells of the heartburn inducing goodies.

9. Rehydration remedies – No matter how much water I drink, I can’t seem to fully rehydrate myself in Vegas. The water just seems to pass right through! Most casinos sell glucose & electrolyte drinks, which are meant to absorb water faster into the body, rehydrating it better. I haven’t yet found one that I like the taste of, but I’ve recently discovered electrolyte powder, which can be bought over the counter in most drug stores (pharmacies). Just add to water for better fluid absorption.

10. Hand sanitizer/wipes  – It’s not unusual to catch a cold in Vegas, possibly due to a combination of recycled air and lots of fingers touching the same slot machine buttons. While the machines are regularly cleaned, there’s no harm in having hand wipes handy.

11. Nail varnish and varnish remover – One for the girls! The restroom partitions are quite high off the ground, so it’s normal (I think!) to look at the feet of the person in the neighbouring cubicle and imagine up the person that goes with them. Nail varnish seems to wear quicker in Vegas, so it’s good to redo those toes (and fingers) regularly.

12. Large Claw Hair clip – Another one for the girls!

a) It’s hard to find a hotel room where the curtains fully meet. This little tool is great for holding the curtains together, and blocking out that very bright early morning sun.

b) Everything in Vegas is big. Food, snacks and crisps tend to be sold in family size packs. These clips are great for holding the packets closed, keeping your snacks fresh and tasty.

c) Use as a phone holder. Stand the claw upside down and slip the phone into it sideways.

d) ……also handy for tying hair back.

13. Silk pyjamas!! – This one is totally for me, but might also be useful to others. Vegas hotels tend to use a lot of fabric conditioner on the bedclothes. For those like me that have skin sensitive to this, consider bringing nightwear that will keep you cool and will form a barrier between you and the sheets. Again, moisturize.


That’s my list of Must Have things to bring to Vegas. While I could buy most of the above items there, I don’t want to waste valuable Vegas time shopping for them. Having said that, the CVS pharmaceutical stores on the Strip have great items that are not available over-the-counter at home. I like to pay them a visit and stock up.

I’m sure there are other items I could listed. If there are others you feel should be mentioned, please share them below.



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