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Welcome to this LasVegasBasics website!

Welcome and thank you for visiting this LasVegasBasics website. This site was created as a resource portal for travelers to Las Vegas. While it primarily aims to provide information for first time visitors to Vegas, repeat visitors will also benefit from the information provided.

With all the available information on Las Vegas, it can be difficult to determine how best to get the most out of your holiday.

With the right information and planning, you can dramatically increase the amount of activities covered. You will feel that you have done everything that you wanted to do, and all without breaking the bank!

How can you actually use this?

As a frequent traveler to Vegas, I consider myself to be a bit of a geek when it comes to the topic. I have put together the information that has benefitted me over the years, and hope it will be of benefit to others.

Please read on to hear how I came about putting this website together.


My first trip to Las Vegas was in 2009 when I visited with my boyfriend. We spent 4 nights in Las Vegas, 2 nights in Los Angeles, followed by 4 nights in San Francisco.

While we had a great time in Las Vegas, by our fourth day there, we were ready to move on. We felt we had seen everything that was to be seen, we were tired of having dry noses, dry skin and almost constant heartburn. However, when we got home from our trip, we realised we hadn’t made the most of our time in Vegas; we had kept to ourselves, we hadn’t tried gambling and hadn’t visited old Vegas.

Bottom line?

We decided we had to go back…………


This next trip was the turning point for us. We got talking to so many people, visited old Vegas and made sure to experience the tables and slot machines. Roulette was our game of choice, but on our last day we discovered the wonders of blackjack….so we had to come back.

A pattern started to form……

We’d visit Las Vegas and discover something new that would make us want to go back for more. This has been our go-to destination ever since, and we visit a few times each year.

We love everything about Vegas – the people, the fun, the ambience, the entertainment and of course, the opportunity to win big. For us, other holidays pale in comparison.



When I look back on my first visit to Vegas, I remember how guarded I was; not confident enough to sit at the tables or slot machines, holding back from interacting with other people and just being shy in general.

The fantastic people I’ve met in Las Vegas have changed all that for me. The greatest part of Vegas is the comradery and interaction with people; sharing stories about wins/losses, exchanging advice on gambling methods, shows, restaurants….everything. The people are so friendly and so open. We love when people ask if we’re winning or losing, or having a good time.

I started writing this blog to help others get the most out of their time in Vegas.

The Venetian Tower at Las Vegas

The Venetian Tower Las Vegas

In the beginning, friends and family questioned why I visited Vegas so regularly and asking if I would not prefer to try a different type of holiday. In explaining my reasons, I would inadvertently convince them that they needed to try it for themselves. Eventually they would seek my advice on where to stay, what to do, how to get around and how to get value for money. I felt there was an onus on me to ensure they had a good time; if they did not, it would reflect badly on me. I would bombard them with information but I never felt satisfied that I had given enough detail or that they would remember my advice once they were in Vegas.

By sharing my experiences in this blog, I’m hoping to develop my web skills, which will benefit my day job. And, at the same time help others enjoy Vegas in the way that I do now; without lacking the confidence and knowledge that I did on those first occasions.

These are my Las Vegas guidelines, which give my personal view on everything Vegas.

I look forward to sharing my stories, and hope others enjoy reading them.

I would be so interested in hearing your comments and feedback. Please do take the time to share your thoughts and suggestions.

If you find any issues with the site, please contact us.

Thanks for stopping by.

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